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30 Jul 2018

Empowering The Public Service Through Lifelong Learning

To help public officers meet the challenges of today and be prepared for the future, SUSS, together with 11 other institutes of higher learning signed a collaborative agreement with the Civil Service College (CSC) on July 17.

Held at the concourse of the Singapore Management University (SMU), the ceremony was witnessed by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Manpower, Ms Low Yen Ling, the Dean of CSC, Ms Ong Toon Hui, and the Vice-President of Business Development at Udemy, Dr Richard Qiu.

Under this agreement, SUSS will offer bite-sized courses to be hosted on LEARN, a one-stop digital learning platform developed to support and facilitate the continuous learning and engagements of the officers in the Public Sector. Longer term plans may include the joint development of a foundational programme on data analytics for officers, which can lead to a certification programme.

Signatories and witnesses of the collaborative agreement with SPS Ms Low Yen Ling, CE of SSG Mr Ng Cher Pong and A/Prof Teng Su Ching (seated second from the right).