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17 Apr 2018

Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference (全球普惠区块链峰会)


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Main Venue

The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Longhash will be organising the Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference on 17 - 18 April 2018. The Conference will see the Mandarin-speaking community converge at SUSS to discuss topics from macroeconomics, finance & investment, regulation, standards & applications, to technical matters. We are at the cusp of an industry revolution. Through this Conference, we aim to present to you the latest debates and exchanges among leading practitioners and thought leaders as well as the opportunity to advance Blockchain knowledge and its applications.

The Chairman and CEO of Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc, Dr. Xiao Feng, the CEO of ChainB – China’s leading blockchain publication, Mr. James Gong, and the General Manager of Wanyun, Mr. Quming Tao are among the few guests and speakers who will come for the Conference. 

Date : 17 - 18 April 2018 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Time : 8:30am - 7.00pm
Venue : Singapore University of Social Sciences. Performing Arts Theatre, 463 Clementi Road, Singapore 599494


Registration is now closed.  

Most sessions will be conducted in Mandarin, but simultaneous interpretation to English is available at the main venue for both days.

Day 1 (Tuesday, April 17, 2018)

Time The Performing Arts Centre (Main Venue) Lecture Theatre B.2.17
(1st Parallel Session)
Lecture Theatre B.2.06
(2nd Parallel Session)
9:00 am Welcome Speech
Prof Cheong Hee Kiat, President, SUSS​
9:10 am ​​Opening Speech
Roy Teo, Director of FinTech & Innovation Group, MAS
9:20 am ​​Speech: Management and Economic Models of The Next Generation Public Chain (Chinese)
Sunny Lu, CEO, Vechain ​ ​
9:40 am Keynote Address: Blockchain and Account Revolution (Chinese)
Dr. Xiao Feng, Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc.
10:20 am ​​Tea Break ​ ​
10:40 am Speech: Building a Parallel Internet World Using the MeshBox Technology (Chinese)
Harry Xiao, Meshbox
11:00 am Panel Discussion:
Inclusive Blockchain - Speculation, Bubbles and Worthiness (Chinese)

Hoe Lon Leng, Kyber Network
James Gong, ChainB
Jiaxue Yang, Chainpe/Hpool
Jingyi Yao, Fenbushi Capital
Tom Huang, BKFUND
Yijun Li, Wanxiang
Chong Guan, SUSS [Moderator] 

11:30 am Panel Discussion:
Inclusive Blockchain – The Rise of Public-Private Chain and Financial Inclusion (Chinese)

Danny Lim, Pundi X
Duran Liu, Atlas Protocol
Emma Cui, Longhash
Roy Lai, InfoCorp Technologies
Sing Wu, Huobi.pro
Yu Du, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs
Remington Ong, Fenbushi Capital [Moderator]

12:00 pm ​​​Lunch​ ​ ​
1:30 pm ​​Speech: Atlas - Tokenised Marketing Protocol (Chinese)
Duran Liu, Atlas Protocol
Opening Speech: What is GBX, Gibraltar Blockchain Innovation Center (BIC) and GBX Alliance? What Can GBX Bring To The Global Blockchain Community?
Nick Cowan, MD and CEO of GSX Group

The Launch Ceremony of UCCO (Universal Connectivity and Consensus Organization) [In English and Chinese]
Daniel Gardner, Mesh++
Peter Yan, UCCO & MeshBox
Henry Wang, SmartMesh
Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar, RSK
Harry Xiao, MeshBox
Robin Zhang [Moderator]

​1:45 pm Second Keynote:​ The Benefits of GBX Grid, the Token Sale Platform of GBX (English)
Ben Soh, Executive Director of GBX
1:50 pm Panel Discussion: 
Inclusive Blockchain - 
Will Blockchain Drive Inclusive Prosperity? (Chinese)
Clay Lin, World Bank Group
Jack Lee, HCM Capital of Foxconn/ Chained Finance
Jerome Eger, Ginmon
Kathleen Chu, Blockhive 
Ke Qiao, Medishares
Yin Cao, Wanxiang
Yu-Chen Hung, SUSS [Moderator]

2:00 pm Panel Discussion:  What are the Future Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in this New Blockchain Era? (English)
Hong Thieu, Stryking
Nina Wieczorek, Purple DS
Sharon Lourdes Paul, CarbonGrid Protocol 
Xanne Leo, Infinitus Technologies 
Lurion Yee, SEDA 
Kerry Gan, ICOMAIN [Moderator] 

Panel Discussion: How to Achieve Universal Connectivity and Consensus (in both English and Chinese)
Henry Wang, SmartMesh
Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar, RSK
Harry Xiao, MeshBox
Daniel Gardner, Mesh++
Bill Li, Matrix
Peter Yan, UCCO & MeshBox [Moderator]

2:20 pm Keynote Address: Introduction to EOS based Decentralised Exchange - Cybex (Chinese)
James Gong, ChainB
Chen Yan Feng, Longhash
2:45 pm Panel Discussion: Where is the Direction of Cryptocurrency and Token Regulation? (English)
Yu Sarn Chiew, Yusarn Audrey 
Mark Pui, MW Partners 
Eddy Travia, Coinsilium
Nizam Ismail, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing
Chionh Chye Kit, Traceto
Alex Yang, Fund V [Moderator]

Demo & Pre-registration of MeshBox (in both English and Chinese)
Daniel Gardner, Mesh++
Peter Yan, UCCO & MeshBox

3:00 pm Panel Discussion:
Quantitative Trading and Institutional Investors of Cryptocurrency (Chinese)
Chao Deng, Hashkey Capital
Feng Zhang, 品赋投资
James Gong, ChainB
Yvonne Zhang, Aquifer Institute 
Yinghui Yu , SUSS [Moderator]

3:30 pm Tea Break
4:00 pm Keynote Address: JUZIX Data Exchange and Multi-Party Computation Services: the Next Generation Computation Structure (Chinese)​
Dr. Xie Xiang, JUZIX
Panel Discussion: Will Cryptocurrency Be A New Mainstream Investment Asset? (English)
Dusan, True Global Ventures 
Matthew Cannon, Lightbulb Capital 
Lim Hongzhuang, XSQ.IO (TBC) 
Yu Sing Chew, Sagefintech 
Darius Sit, QCP Capital
Dorjee Sun, Zero Knowledge Capital
John Fiorelli, Kenetic Capital [Moderator]

Panel Discussion:How to Build a Parallel Internet Based on​ Blockchain (by IBAF) (in both English and Chinese) 
Chia Hock Lai, Singapore Fintech Association
Thomas De Rouch, SmartMesh
Jori Armbruster, EthicHub
Jesse Li, Chainbase
Kraken Yu, SmartMesh [Moderator]

4:30 pm Panel Discussion:
Inclusive Blockchain – The Female Founders (Chinese)
Cathy Li Ge, BITARK
Daphne Ng, JEDTrade
Selina Lin Yang, DRC
Zann Kwan, Infocorp Technologies
Ru Wang, Superbloom [Moderator]

4:45 pm Panel Discussion: Utility or Security – the Trend of Token Structures (English)
Katherine Ng, Quoinex
Floyd Dcosta, Blockchain Worx
Mikhail Mironov, ICORating
Samson Lee, Coinstreet
Chan Chee Seng, Sakae Fintech
Yawn Rong, CryptoSA [Moderator]​
5:00 pm Keynote Address: Blockchain and Distributed Commerce (Chinese)
Mr. Tom Tao, Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc.
5:30 pm ​​Closing Speech
Mr. Yeo Guat Kwang, U ​SME
5:40 pm Networking Session ​ ​

Day 2 (Wednesday, April 18, 2018)

Time The Performing Arts Centre (Main Venue) Lecture Theatre B.2.17
(1st Parallel Session)
Lecture Theatre B.2.06
(2nd Parallel Session)
9:00 am ​Opening Speech
Prof. Tsui Kai Chong, Provost, SUSS
9:10 am ​​Speech
Assoc. Prof. Lee Pui Mun, Dean, School of Business, SUSS
​9:20 am Panel Discussion: Inclusive FinTech (Chinese)
Jack Lee, HCM Capital of Foxconn/ Chained Finance
Jerome Eger, Ginmon
Ke Qiao, Medishares
Roland Sun, Broad & Bright
Sherry Lee, Scry
Yue Wang, SUSS [Moderator]

9:50 am Panel Discussion: Inclusive Blockchain – The Young Founders under 27 (Chinese)
Francis Tang, Ziggurat Tech
Larry Liu, Genaro
Likun Yin, RootAnt
Yu Wang, SUSS [Moderator]​
​10:20 am ​​Tea Break ​ ​
​10:40 am ​Speech: Decentralized Trusted Content Protocol (Chinese)
Peng Wu, Primas
Panel Discussion: Decentralised Storage and Exchanges (English) 
Aditya Mishra, Zenprivex 
Katherine Ng, QUOINE 
Roland Schwinn, Eurex 
Stefan George, Gnosis 
TM Lee, Coingecko
Toby Hoenisch, Tenx 
Shaun Djie, Digix [Moderator]

Panel Discussion: Investment, Insurance and Inclusion (English)
David Toh, SGInnovate
Floyd DCosta, Blockchainworx
Keith Lim, Hearti
Mathias Imbach, Sygnum
Val Yap, Policy Pal
Chia Hock Lai, Singapore Fintech Association [Moderator] 

​11:00 am Panel Discussion: Blockchain, Regtech and Fintech (Chinese)
Danny Lim, Pundi X
Lizhong Li, Jinvovo 
Mandy Tian, Scry
Patrick Dai, QTUM Foundation
Selina Lin Yang, DRC
Zeen Zhang, LOTS Lab
Yan Li, Nanyang Technology University [Moderator]

​11:10 am Panel Discussion: Inclusive Blockchain – The Young (English) 
Daniel Lee Zhao Wei, DZL 
Kaiyi Guo, Google 
Ruby Chen, Bitkan 
Scarlett Peng, GBX 
Renqi Shen, BlockAsset [Moderator]

Panel Discussion: 10 Young Influencers from SUSS (English)
Alvin Chua, Institute of Blockchain Singapore
Amanda Ho, Combineshell
Yue Sin Chang, SUSS
Edwan Chiam, Sentinel Chain
Kenneth Yap, HeyCoins
Vanessa Ng, SUSS
Daniel Shen, Soqqle [Moderator]

​11:30 am Panel Discussion: Future Areas of Research and Applications (Chinese)
Aimin Qi,Chongqing University
Chen Li, 万云
Humphrey Wu, SmartMesh
Zhenguang Liu, 云象
Ernie Teo, IBM Research [Moderator]

11:40 am​ Panel Discussion: Smart Contracts: Can Singapore become the Driver for Standards? (English)
Darren Koh, SUSS
Dave Appleton, HelloGold
Nizam Ismail, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing
Pandu Sastrowardoyo, Blockchain Zoo
Paul Neo, Singapore Academy of Law [Moderator] 
Panel Discussion: Zero Knowledge, Sharding and Offchain (English)
Andras Kristof, Yojee
Shawn O'Connor, Pathbreaker
Reuben Yap, Zcoin
Shaun Djie, DigixGlobal
Bobby Ong, Coingecko [Moderator]

​12:00 pm ​Lunch
​12:10 pm Lunch
​12:40 pm Lunch
​1:30 pm ​Keynote Address: WBG Blockchain Agenda (Chinese)
Mr. Clay Lin, World Bank Group
​DRC,监管科技如何助于金融科技发展  Panel Discussion: Security, Identity and Hacking (English)
Anthony Lim, Cloud Security Alliance
Chun Hui Suen, Kommerce
Pralhad Deshpande, IBM (TBC)
Thy Tang, Ching.Network
Damian Goh, Black Hat [Moderator]

​2:00pm ​​Panel Discussion: Stable Coins, Dapps and Open Blockchain (Chinese) 
Chris Qi, Alchemint
Kaikai Yang, Energo Labs
Karen Teoh, Kommerce 
Ronald Aai, S12 Fintech
Xing Zheng Ang, HelloGold
Stella Kung, QTUM Foundation [Moderator]

​Primas,下一代互联网基础设施 Panel Discussion: AI and Big Data (English)
Ian Myles, LeftCoast
Paul Schulte, Schulte Research
Tingxi Tan, Kambria
Kok Fai Phoon, SUSS [Moderator]

​2:30 pm Panel Discussion: What Standards are Needed? (Chinese)
Cindy Fang, BKFUND
Cy Cheung, PwC
David Wang, Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange
Johnson Chng, BitUN
Peko Wan, Pundi X
Xiaomin Wang, DECENT
Ding Ding, SUSS [Moderator]

​天算 Delphy, 认知改变选择  Panel Discussion: Inclusive FinTech (English)
Dusan Stojanovic, True Global Ventures
John Lyotier, RightMesh
Kraken Yu, SmartMesh
Kain Warwick, Havven
Daphne Ng, JEDTrade
Raymond Racaza, XONIO
Zing Yang Ziying, BlockAsset [Moderator]

​3:00 pm Speech
Dejun Qian, FUSION 
​圆桌讨论:如何用区块链构建真正的全球共享经济 ​Speech
Diego Gutierrez, RSK
​3:20 pm Tea Break Tea Break
​3:30 pm Tea Break
​4:00 pm 登记、签到 
​3:50 pm ​Speech: From DAICO to Hashgard (Chinese) 
Charlie Xu, Hashgard
Panel Discussion: Inclusive Blockchain – The Female Founders (English)
Yuree Hong, SHE Blockchainers Asia
Yvonne Zhang, Aquifer Institute
Emmie Chang, Superbloom
Evelyn Nguyen, Ching.Network
Caroline Lim, SUSS [Moderator]

​4:10 pm Panel Discussion: Security, Identity and Hacking (Chinese) 
Bo Wang, Delphy
Zhiguo Wan, Shandong University
Wenbin Zhang, IBM Center for Blockchain Innovation
Ze'en Zhang, FACTOM 
Swee-Won Lo, SUSS [Moderator]

​4:20 pm Speech: Reflections on the Past and Future Prospects of Blockchain Technology
Larry Liu, Genaro 
​4:30 pm ​Speech
BKFUND & Hashgard
​4:40 pm Panel Discussion: Decentralizing Risk Management (Chinese)
Paul Qi, GRE
Sha Tao, Lyfe
Yuxiang Gu, Ventureum
Remington Ong, Fenbushi Capital [Moderator]

​4:50 pm Panel Discussion: Decentralisation and Inclusion (English)
Diego Gutierrez, RSK
Ariel Muslera, RSK
Alejandro Banzas, RSK
Henry Sraigman, RSK
Roy Lai, Infocorp [Moderator]​
​5:10 pm Panel Discussion: Where Regulation Should Go from Here? (Chinese) 
David Wang, Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange
Sai Fan Pei, RHT Compliance Solution
Renqi Shen, BlockAsset
Zhi Zhang, DRC
Roland Sun, Broad & Bright [Moderator]

​Hashgard 全球战略合作伙伴发布,联合创始人黄峤濛
​5:30 pm ​圆桌讨论:数字资产的管理和发展趋势(中文)
5:40 pm Closing and Networking Session ​ ​


* Agenda is subject to change.
To be uploaded soon.